Michael Charry, George Szell: A Life of Music (2012)

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Michael Charry, George Szell: A Life of Music (2012)

Post by jserraglio » Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:19 am

Particularly illuminating about Szell’s early years, before he moved to America. I had no idea he was so famous before coming to Cleveland, nor that as a child he rivaled Erich Korngold as a musical prodigy.

The other thing I learned was how many contemporary works and works by American composers appeared on Szell’s programs. More than any other American orchestra, Charry claims.

Some great Szell stories too, beginning with . . .


At times, though I have to agree with Szell who once told an interviewer,“There is nothing interesting about me.” Much of the book reads like a journal, and even at times like an intinerary or a series of concert reviews.

Still, it is the only biography of Szell we have and as such it is invaluable.

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